Bringing a Whole New Look to Corporate Team Building and Branding

In 2013, some 51 million people in the United States reported running at least 1 day in that year. 29 million of those same people reported running 50 + days that same year. (2013 State of the Sport report)

At Company Cup 5K, our goal is to help you, the employer, build the healthiest workforce on the planet. Because wellness and safety are so closely related, having a healthier workforce will increase your safety. 

Did You Know?

For every dollar invested in wellness programs, employers can expect to save $2-$3 in healthcare costs. (

What Most Employer Programs Look Like

According to recent statistics, while 72% of companies offer some sort of fitness component to their wellness program only 21% of employees actually participate.  The reason why is there is no accountability and/or the program is not exciting enough. Think about, do you want to take a virtual walk to each of your offices? The answer is no and neither do your employees.

Why Company Cup is different?

We designed a 12 week turn-key training program that participants can access on their own time combing the elements of:

  1. Training programs for beginner(walk/run), intermediate and advanced runners
  2. Nutrition Advice
  3. Injury Prevention and Rehab
  4. Sports Psychology and Behavior Modification

The 2017 Company Cup 5k and the Wasatch Mile Registration is now open! To register click here.