The Safety and Health Connection

It has been well documented that poor health is a statistically significant condition present in workplace accidents. Unfortunately, most employers have "siloed" their safety departments and their health and wellness groups within different departments with different goals. And yet they go so hand in hand some question if they should not be one department.

Also some would point to evidence that US based injuries are at record lows and why should they care? The problem is that even though the numbers are low the costs have increased (~16% annually) and will continue to do so.  

The Solution: integrate both safety and health/wellness into the culture of the company.  With most companies reporting an ROI of at least 3:1 for every dollar spent on wellness, most of these programs pay for themselves in the cost savings of injury reduction alone.

What are your thoughts? Does your company have their safety and health departments combined or are they still "siloed" working on similar but different goals?