What? The Event was Cancelled????

Update 6/12/17: If you are reading this, thank you and thank you for your support of our races. We are on for 2017 and because of the glitches we encountered in 2016 are back and even stronger than ever in 2017. We now have a race course, partners, and people like you who are anticipating a big event and we can't wait to have you out with us on 9/14/17. To register for the upcoming race, go to the registration page.

If you are here reading this, thank you. Unfortunately, it may mean you were attempting to sign up for the event and saw there was no link to registration. Or maybe it just means you had an interest in finding out more about what we were up to. Either way, you are here. This post is to inform you that unfortunately, the event, both the 5k and the 1-mile, have been cancelled.  There are many variables which go into events and event planning including, but not limited to: the permitting process (we had to go through 3 routes before getting approval), weather, participant interest (we had lots of "interest" but not many people signed up and interest doesn't pay for things like race medals and t-shirts) and finally Sponsors.  Sponsors dollars are very valuable and difficult to obtain. We lost a major one and left us with a significant hole which we would not be able to replace in two weeks. Rather than hoping and praying for a big, day of event turn-out we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the event.

With all of that being said, our relationships in the community mean the world to us and we would do nothing to jeopardise those. We have refunded all of the money from those who pre-registered. We are also taking care of the travel arrangements already made by our professional athletes who were coming in for the 1-mile and who struggle so often to make ends meet in this crazy world of running. And no one will be left with a bad taste in their mouth about an event we had so hoped to put on for the community.  

Our final ask is that you take the time to visit those other businesses in our community who were willing to partner with us and lend us their support. Please donate to the STEM Action Center Foundation as they really are doing some amazing things and were looking to use the funds raised by this race to help with their mobile learning lab they are purchasing. 

If you get a chance get to the Hyatt Place Salt Lake City/Farmington to see Cory Jenkins and her team and stay in a fantastic new hotel in a beautiful location. 

Use Plan 7 Endurance Coaching for all of your Nutrition needs.

Use Maximum Performance Running for your online coaching and training needs.

Stop by the Gym at City Creek and say hello and get healthy with them while working out in a gorgeous place. 

Make sure to stop in Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center and say hello to Dr. Zachary Taylor, DC and staff. 

Be sure to stop out at TopGolf and see the team there and stick around to play a game or two and get some great eats.

And if you are looking for a great pair of running shoes, look no further than Utah's own, Altra Running, for all your needs.

Thanks again for your interest in this event and wish you all the health you deserve!