Are You Tired of Running in Pain?

If you are a beginner runner, or even if you have been running for some time, you are likely currently dealing with or have dealt with pain at some point in your training. If that is the case then this website is the answer you have been looking for... My name is Brian Boyle and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a runner myself. I started out running competitively for 15 years and over the last 9 years I have transitioned to running primarily to keep in shape.

Did you know? Almost 65% of all runners experience an injury annually. (Lysholm and Wiklander 1987) and that experienced runners, while less frequently injured (Tanuton 2003) will still get injured. My goal is to keep you running injury free and with as little pain as possible. 

What You Will Find Here

You don't need to be an Elite runner, have the fastest times, or even need to run races to get something out of this site.  While this site won't be for everyone we will bring you up-to-date, proven to be effective, information on injuries, injury prevention, running technique, shoe selection, strengthening, flexibility, and much much more...


How to Be Injury Free and Running With Less Pain in the Next 7 to 10 days

Would you like to learn more about how you could be running with less pain in the next 7 to 10 days? 

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Training Tip

If you want to decrease injuries while running and you are pressed for time most days, try focusing on fewer, more focused running days with 2-3 cross training days a  week mixed into your schedule. While this program won't be for everyone, it will give you a solid foundation to still run strong and decrease injuries. (via Run Less, Run Faster)