KT Tape 

Standard or PrO

KT (Kinesiology Therapeutic) Tape is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance. KT Tape provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries. Kinesiology tape, treatments, and application techniques have been used by healthcare professionals such as orthopedics, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers for over thirty years. KT Tape is the first brand of kinesiology tape ever to be offered directly to consumers and is widely adopted by healthcare professionals and sports teams.

Theracane Self Massager

Great for Sore Neck/Upper BAck Muscles

Theracane is a self massager used to apply pressure to sore muscles. The unique design of the Theracane lets you apply deep pressure massage to hard to reach areas of your body on your own. It provides temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness.

TENS Units (Home Electrical Stim Units)

Portable Pain Relief When you need it Most

TENS units have been used by healthcare professionals to provide fast pain relief without the use of medications. When used regularly (every hour for 20-30 minutes) studies have been shown that TENS can provide just as much relief as some prescription pain medications without the harmful side effects.

Foam Rollers

Many Different Shapes and Sizes

Perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and ranging and strengthening activities. Round rollers offer progressive exercise sequences - user can move from an easier (smaller diameter) to a more difficult (larger diameter) roller. Half round roller is a great tool for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. Use half roll as rocker board by standing on flat side. Diameter refers to the width of the half-round profile. The ethefoam rolls and half rolls are strong enough to be used by large adults and active children. Foam rollers are available in 48”, 36” and 12” lengths with either a round (circular) or half-round (semi-circular) profile. Foam rollers can be used alone or with other exercisers such as Cando® exercise band, tubing, weights and balls.

Hand Held Rollers (Tiger Tails)

Great for Rolling Muscles Out Prior to Activity/Sport

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager is an easy-to-use and muscle friendly massage tool
Helps with muscle recovery through consistent pressure distribution
Cushioned, foam cover spins smoothly
designed to save fingers and hands from fatigue
Tiger Tail features closed-cell, non-porous, zero rubber/latex, non-deteriorating, non-absorbing foam
easy to clean with antibacterial gel/spray
Convenient and portable
Tiger Tail's firm design won’t bend – apply as little or as much pressure as needed
Works on all muscle groups: neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, shins, feet, and more

Heating Pads (Digital Moist Heat)

Neck, Shoulder, Back Sizes available

Digital moist heating pad provides temporary relief from pain associated with muscle spasms, and inflammation caused by strain and tension
Programmable, digital hand control allows operator to program and monitor the temperature and treatment time
Lockout mode protects against inconsistent changing of the control settings throughout treatment
Allows patient to relax and enjoy therapy without the hassle of maintaining contact with a handheld switch
Therapeutic treatment temperature between 88° - 166° F
Specially designed, 100% cotton flannel cover
Retained moisture is rapidly heated by high-grade ceramics, allowing deeper penetration of heat into the body's tissue
1 - 60 minute treatment time
UL and cUL listed
One-year warranty
One-year warranty

Biofreeze Topical Pain Relief

You Can Spray this on Top of KT Tape For Extra Pain Relief

16 oz spray is great for the professional. BioFreeze Cryospray contains an ILEX base, and an herbal extract for a quick onset, long lasting, pain relief. The pain relief formula is greaseless, stainless, and has a vanishing scent. Lightly massage BioFreeze into all sides of sore muscles. Use to relieve pain from sore muscles and muscle spasms, back, shoulder, and neck pain, arthritis, painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints, and muscle strains. Use to relieve pain prior to massage therapy, soft tissue trigger point therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and pre and post workout stretch.

Resistance Bands for Strengthening

Used for FunctionaL Exercises

  • Mini-Bands can be used anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling.
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training.
  • By using resistance bands for dynamic warmup, you can target the hip and shoulder complexes.
  • When used in conjunction with other exercises these band sequences can help activate the core as well as prime movers, synergists and stabilizers in the hip and shoulder area.

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