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Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a flex spending plan with your employer? Did you know you can use these to purchase the products you need to make you feel better? Use your card at checkout or just submit your receipt to your plan administrator. (Some restrictions may apply based on your plan. Always be sure to check with your plan for your benefits on durable medical supplies)

Sample of What May BE Included in the Monthly Box

Sample of What May BE Included in the Monthly Box


It all started when...

We went looking for a service which would provide our clients with an opportunity to sample some of the products and services we used professionally in our clinic to make them feel better. Not being able to find an existing service, we decided to start our own. Also having written a book series, Treat My Own Pain, this allows us to showcase that book as well.

Monthly Box Service

Treat My Own Pain, the Monthly at Home Box is designed to provide you an opportunity to sample tools, topical products, courses, books, and other products and services which will help you and your family manage your pain and discomfort symptoms throughout the life span. The best part is, if you find a product or service that you really like and you want to order just that one again in the future we have you covered. Our E-dispensary store allows you to purchase single products online at a significant discount compared to retail.

Use Special Code TMOP5 at checkout to receive $5/off your first box. 

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For every friend you refer who signs up through this site, send us an email at and we will send you a special code for $5 off your next box. It's that simple!

Company Cup/Wasatch Mile Special: 

Planning on running either the Company Cup 5k or Wasatch Mile in September in Downtown Salt Lake? Buy at least 3 months of the Treat My Own Pain Box and receive a free entry to the race of your choice (either the 5k or the 1-mile) at no additional cost. Just email your receipts to and let us know which race you want to join. Race is Thursday night September 14, 2017!