Why Post Offer Testing?

Did you know that you could be hiring the wrong person for your company? If you have any jobs which require physical activity, you need to test your applicants as part of a conditional hiring process. Post Offer Employment testing is not only legal it is now almost essential for employers.

How It Works:

As a 3rd party we come out to you and measure the essential functions and critical demands of a job or jobs, then create and validate the testing process. It reduces your liability and saves you time and money when hiring new employees. All testing is EEOC, ADA, and HIPPA compliant.

Is this Right for My Company?

To find out if this solution is right for your company contact us today at 704-241-0889 or by email at brian@company5k.com.

Additional Resources

We are part of the Atlas Injury Prevention Service network of providers. You can find more information about the Post Offer Employment screening process at the Atlas Website.